The japanese artist Hanae Utamura chosed Fwol by Robert Phillips for her latest work CONSTRUCT: Emergence. This piece for cello and sampler was premiered and recorded by R. Phillips and myself in Berlin last september.

Hanae Utamura about CONSTRUCT: Emergence:

“The work exists in constant shift between painting, sculpture, photography and video, capturing the abstract landscape of multi-layered audio-visual structure. Abstract painting on transparent film has been cut out and transformed into an object – then being shot in a still image. Then the still image is projected back onto the object, which is then captured in video. The work will be presented in a spatial installation, changing its scale and gravity between the phantom and the actual, residing in an ephemeral state.”

Video: Hanae Utamura
Music: Fwol (excerpt), by Robert Phillips, with cellist Céline Papion

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