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★”Sonic Ocean” – A dive into the sounds of the underwater world (2022)

A project by Céline Papion & S-K-A-M e.V.
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★The time limits of dust (2022)

“The time limits of dust” for amplified cello, objects, loop station, and playback
Conception: Céline Papion and Joseph Michaels
Cello: Céline Papion
Composition: Joseph Michaels


★OTTO – Music theatre piece for „OTTO“, cello & live electronics – Teaser (2018)

By Drescher & Papion Productions


★Zupfenstreich – Trailer (2018) a small concert for little listeners

Performed by Marie Muks (Franziska Schmitz, performance & Céline Papion, Cello)
Stage director: Julia Dina Heße


★PUSS – Pop Up Stage Stuttgart (2018) a three-days Festival in the heart of stuttgart

PUSS ist eine temporäre Bühne, die sich dem Thema Hören widmet und von Neue Musik & Theater Akteure bespielt wird.
Konzept & künstlerische Leitung: Marie Muks (Céline Papion & Franziska Schmitz) und Joerg Hildenbrand
mehr unter: WWW.PUSS.ROCKS


★Bäch in Borneo (2017) for cello and playback

Music by Joseph Michaels
Performed by Céline Papion, Cello


★Kantate BWV 249: 3 Coro „Kommt, eilet und laufet, ihr flüchtigen Füße“

Johann Sebastian Bach
Performered by Solistenensemble Stimmkunst & Stiftsbarock Stuttgart | Leitung: Kay Johannsen


★Kinectic Distance II (2016) for Cello & Shakuhachi

Music by Huihui Cheng
Performed by James Nyoraku Schlefer, Shakuhachi – Céline Papion, Cello


★HUIT (extraits) – avec Arsys Bourgogne

Arsys Bourgogne / Direction Mihály Zeke, direction
Enregistré à l’église Saint-Jacques (Asquins) en novembre 2015


★Richter 1 (2014) for cello, Live-electronics & Video

Music by Jesse Ronneau
Performered by Céline Papion, cello – Jesse Ronneau, electronics


★Moment-Curitiba (2011) for cello, piano and film

Music by Joseph Michaels, Film by Yukihiro Taguchi
Performered by ensemble Céline Papion, cello – Junko Yamamoto, piano

“The music for “Moment, Curitiba” acts as both accompaniment and antagonist: it matches the constant movement of the film through repetitious, quick rhythms, or it decreases to a slow pace either in one or both instruments, thereby creating tension with the visuals. “Moment, Curitiba” was written for Céline Papion and Junko Yamamoto of ensemble, who commissioned the work.” Joseph Michaels

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