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★Mitrailleuse et Mémoire (2018) for cello and one loudspeaker

Music by Steffen Krebber
Performers: Céline Papion, Cello
Oliver S. Frick, Live Electronics


★Chaconne from Pièces à tre

Music by Theodor Schwartzkopff (1659-1732)
Performers: Dietlind Mayer & Isabelle Farr, baroque violin
Céline Papion, baroque cello
Fabian Wöhrle, organ


★Tampered (2014) for cello solo

Music by Paul McGuire
Performer: Céline Papion, cello


★Richter 1 (2014) for cello and electronics

Music by Jesse Ronneau
Performers: Céline Papion, cello & Jesse Ronneau, electronics


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