The prizes of the International Lake Constance Conference have been awarded annually since 1991 in different artistic fields.
In 2019, seven interpreters of contemporary music were honoured by an international jury of experts. I was nominated by the state of Baden-Württemberg and have the great honour of receiving one of these seven prizes. The other awardees are: Brigitte Helbig (Free State of Bavaria), Simone Keller and Irina Ungureanu (Canton Thurgau), Moritz Müllenbach (Canton Zurich), Lukas Stamm and Mateusz Szczepkowski (Canton Schaffhausen).
The prizes will be awarded on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 in the Ittingen Charterhouse (Switzerland). The award ceremony will be accompanied by a publication on the prizewinners.

I would like to say here how important it is for every artist to have time, to reflect, to seek, to experiment, to fail, to repeat, to waste this time in order to better regain it, to interrupt a project, to mature it, to take it back… This creative time is too often shaken by the pragmatism of life, the lack of funds. Such a prize is obviously an extremely valuable recognition, but it also frees up and opens up possible research time to develop new ideas. For that I am very grateful.