a small concert for little listeners

Since 2015 Franziska Schmitz and I have wanted to focus our work on pieces where listening is front and center. Growing together while experimenting, we became the duo Marie Muks.

2016 together with Julia Dina Heße and the Theater JES, we tried -through noises, ringing, tones, rhythm and word games- to show the origins of Sounds. True to the mantra of John Cage ‘Music is the deliberate creation of sounds’. The result was ‘Zupfenstreich’, a small concert for little listeners and thus, please, for children 3 years of older!
Last spring we refined the piece together, played in Münster and Stuttgart and asked the filmmaker Adrian Schmidt to produce a trailer for us.

We now are proud to present our plucking, bowing, knocking, squeaking, singing, whispering and singing! Baammmmm!

Performers: Marie Muks – Franziska Schmitz, actress & Céline Papion, cellist
Stage director: Julia Dina Heße
Filmmaker: Adrian Schmidt
Developped with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart