Grafikdesign: Levin Stadler

Summer 2014. One step back: 4 years ago and 100 years after the beginning of World War I.
At this point, I am alone with my childhood memories and an idea: telling the story of OTTO, a WWI soldier creating beauty out of nothing in dark times: an instrument, a companion, a peculiarly shaped cello.

Growing with OTTO over the past 52 months was quite a journey: many breakdowns, disappointments, failures … but I was always convinced that this journey was worth continuing.

… and I was not alone anymore: I had the great privilege and chance to be joined by precious artists and persons who believed in OTTO: Anna Drescher (stage direction), Oliver S. Frick (live electronics), Selim San and Aldo van den Broek (instrument manufacturing), Hudda Chukri (stage installation) Adrian Groß (light design), Levin Stadler (graphic design), Daniela Wolf (photography), Birgit Gebhard and Maximilian Lehner (project coordination), Florian Hohnhorst (production management, Switzerland) and six composers: Lukas Huber, Huihui Cheng, Steffen Krebber, Joseph Michaels, Sophie Pope and Oliver S. Frick.

Autumn 2018. 100 years after the end of WWI.
Right now, OTTO is everywhere – in my thoughts, before my eyes, in the books I’m reading, in the films I’m watching, in the music I’m listening to, in the persons I’m meeting. I have lived four years with OTTO, now it’s time for him to enter the stage.

Opening night: November 1st, 2018Theater Rampe, Stuttgart DE (further performances: November 2nd and 3d)

January 30., 2019Gare du Nord, Basel CH

February 23., 2019Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse, Esslingen DE

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See you then, we can’t wait!

Grafikdesign: Levin Stadler

Grafikdesign: Levin Stadler