So. 2 February 2020 – 5 pm
Community hall at Blarerplatz, Esslingen
Tickets 15€/ reduced 8€
As part of the ton-art Festivals Esslingen

The music of this programme reflects on colours in a concrete and figurative sense: “Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant” by Tristan Murail listens to the colours of the setting sun. Piano and ensemble music by Franz Liszt (“Nuages gris”), Salvatore Sciarrino (“Esplorazione del Bianco”) and Alexandr Scriabin (“Schwarze Mess”) move between white and black. The genesis of the non-colour grey is brought closer to us in a short film by the Esslingen artist Margarete Rebmann with music by Felix Muntwiler. Music and colour interact live in an improvisation by the ensemble and the artist Tobias Ruppert.
The program ends with the octet “Farben der Stille” by Albrecht Imbescheid, in which the composer illuminates the facets of silence as a special form of the perceptible, between crying out and fulfilled nothingness, silence of emotion, of amazement.

With Albrecht Imbescheid, flutes
Felix Behringer, clarinets
Ulrike Stortz, violin
Marlene Svoboda, viola
Céline Papion, Cello
Jürgen Kruse, piano
Thilo Ruck, guitar
Hannes Brugger, percussion
Maria Stange, harp
Viktoria Vitrenko, conductor