A dive into the sounds of the underwater world

17th – 19th November 2022
Hospitalkirche Stuttgart

From 17th to 19th November 2022, cellist and concert designer Céline Papion immerses the Hospitalkirche in Stuttgart into the sea. Sonic Ocean creates an informative and poetic programme that allows the audience to experience the sonic beauty of the underwater world as well as its destruction by noise pollution. Art, science and ecology all meet together as new music, light projection, sound installation and film screening flow into one another. The programme is complemented by discussions with the audience and school classes. 

The UN Ocean Decade
Man-made noise pollution of the oceans is a burning issue. 71 percent of our planet is covered by water and the world hidden underneath is – not only in terms of sounds –  extremely diverse. Unfortunately, this natural wealth has been  massively disturbed for decades. The United Nations has therefore declared 2021-2030 as the “UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”, and Sonic Ocean has been recognised by the UN as an “Ocean Decade Activity”.

Sounds of the underwater world
“What does the underwater world we know so little about sound like? How do animals communicate, how overwhelming does a humpback whale song sound? And in contrast, what does the explosion of an air gun in the search for natural gas deposits sound like?” Céline Papion explores these questions and immerses the audience into the depths of the ocean. From the perspective of art and ecology, she addresses the beauty and strangeness of the acoustic underwater world and the urgency of the problems caused by noise pollution. 

International and interdisciplinary team
For Sonic Ocean, an international team of musicians, composers, sound and light artists, field recordists, experts and environmentalists come together to share their perspectives. Their aim is to use sensory experience to awaken curiosity and imagination as well as to impart knowledge and empathy.

Sonic Ocean is an event of S-K-A-M e.V. and a recognised “UN – Ocean Decade Activity”.

Do. 17. November 2022
20 Uhr Soundshield V Performance & Diskussion

Fr. 18. November 2022
12-17 Uhr 6 Islands – Klang- & Lichtinstallation
20 Uhr Sonic Ocean – Konzert*

Sa. 19. Nov. 2022
12-17 Uhr 6 Islands – Klang- & Lichtinstallation
14-16 Uhr Dokumentarfilm “Sionic Sea” & Podiumsdiskussion
20 Uhr Sonic Ocean – Konzert*

*Free admission to all events, except for the concerts on 18 & 19.11: ADMISSION €10 / 5 ( reduced)
reservations at bn@skam-ev.org

Artistic direction: Céline Papion
Sound direction & Live-electronics: Oliver S. Frick
Light art: Laurenz Theinert
Music by: I-lly Cheng (Premiere), Paul Clift, Georg Crumb, Oliver S. Frick (Premiere), Slavek Kwi (Premiere) and Mother Nature
Music with: Humpback Whale, Emiliano Gavito (flute), Brigitte Helbig (piano), Crustaceans, Slavek Kwi (performance), Nikola Lutz (saxophones), Céline Papion (cello & performance), Pilot Whale, air guns, Olivia Steimel (accordion), Eveline Vervliet (live electronics assistance) a.o.
Sound & Light Installation: Slavek Kwi & Laurenz Theinert
IFAW communications manager & biologist: Andreas Dinkelmeyer
Further expert advisers: Anna Moscrop & Dr. Oliver Boisseau (Marine Conservation Research), Dr Anthony D. Hawkins (Fisheries Research for Scotland), Wildlife and Environmental Sounds at the British Library, Peter Toll (wildlife field recordist)
Project directors: Bissera Nikolova & Céline Papion
Moderation and education programme: Cosima Obert
Grafic design: Denise Kurkowski
Web design: Joerg Hildenbrand

Sponsored by: Kulturamt Stuttgart, Musikfonds, Die Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR, Impulsprogramm „Kultur nach Corona“ des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg and The Eric Stokes Fund – Earth’s Best in Tune, Piano Fischer & National Culture and Art Foundation Taiwan
In cooperation with: IFAW, Gedok Stuttgart, Forum Hospitalviertel e.V., Hospitalkirche Stuttgart, Johannes-Brenz-Schule and Evangelisches Heidehof-Gymnasium