Junge Ensemble Stuttgart

PREMIERE on 22 November 2008
DERNIERE on 24 Mars 2022

In life there are first times that are imprinted in our heads, at best in our hearts. And there are last times, too. Tomorrow will be a very special last time for me.

Tomorrow, after 14 years, 233 performances and 35.503 spectators, a wolf and a sheep will take the road to “Erfahrungen” for the last time on the stage of the JES Theatre. For the last time Frank Wolf (!) and I will play the main theme on electric guitar and cello. For the last time, the sheep will dare to leave its stable and go on an adventure with the wolf.

I remember 14 years ago, when we were in the production phase, and we were performing test scenes in front of a school class to get their feedback, the stage director and fantastic Brigitte Dethier asked the children: so, what do you think this story is about?
Shy or determined answers: friendship? jumping over fears! sledding together! yes, and jumping rope! It’s about daring to do things? about changing my mind!
The teacher had, to our astonishment, shouted “But nooooo!!!! No! No! No! Oh come on, it’s easy: it’s about… LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEE!!!

Yeah, you know what? The wonderful thing about this story is that it’s about how it resonate in ourselves. It tells us about our impossible loves or friendships, yes. But also that it’s wonderful to take the Erfahrungen route, even if you’re a little chicken, and that it’s a hell of a lot of fun to go sledding and kick your hoe in the snow, while an electric guitar and a cello blow your mind. And it also tells us that it’s all worth it, even if we have to part ways at the end of the trip.

Ahhhh… See you tomorrow dear wolves and sheeps!

Ein Schaf fürs Leben

“Discontented and very, very hungry, Wolf trudges through the cold winter night – and finds an unsuspecting sheep in a barn, who helpfully offers him some of his winter supplies: Oats, stale bread and hay. But Wolf wants meat, lures the sheep out into the night and persuades it to go on a sleigh ride to “experience”. Sheep is thrilled and impressed by Wolf’s worldliness. However, the wolf discovers that the sheep is also quite terrific, fun-loving and lovable as it hurtles down the slope with him on his sledge. And so the menu gets mixed up, because Wolf is now tormented in equal measure by an unbearable wolfish appetite and by ever greater scruples. Suddenly the excursion takes a dramatic turn …”

WITH Anna-Lena Hitzfeld, Faris Yüzbaşioğlu, Frank Wolf (Guitare) & Céline Papion (Cello)
STAGE DIRECTION Brigitte Dethier
STAGE Julia Schiller
DRAMATURGIE Christian Schönfelder
PHOTO Adrian Schmidt